The Last Days of Tian Di, in 3 sonnets

Dear Blog,

Last week I went to the OLA Superconference in Toronto, which was fun and fascinating. I was taking part in the CANSCAIP book launch, and because I have no idea how to pitch my books, I tried to sum them up in sonnet form. I know how you love a sonnet, blog, so here they are:

Book 1: Shade & Sorceress

You see them coming from the sky – these things
Shining above the clouds – how could you know
That you are seeing, in the morning glow,
Your childhood’s end descend on golden wings.
Here’s what you know: You are not what they say
This destiny does not belong to you
Here’s what you’ll learn: when you’ve got things to do
Not even destiny can bar your way.
The secrets peel away and leave behind
A sliver of the bare and shivering truth
You cross two worlds armed with a dragon’s tooth
Into the realm your awful foe designed.
So what are you? Whatever else, it’s plain
That you will never be a child again.

Book 2: The Unmaking

You think by now you have it figured out:
Whom you can trust and who is on your side,
The good and evil thing, the sharp divide
Between your separate selves. You cast about
For help in learning both roles: how to be
The Sorceress you think the world needs
And how to be a girl. Though each impedes
The other, you still think you can be free.
Then she comes back like a storm and in her wake
She leaves a ruin of all you thought was true
Her swift revenge, her monstrous will – this you
Must comprehend in order to unmake.
You’ll find that as both girl and Sorceress
You’re more than what you thought, and also less

Book 3: Fog, Bone, Ash & Star (to be published September 2014 – this is a sonnet-preview!)

In the bright palm of the deluder’s hand
You watch the world end, you watch them die
And time rolls on without you. In this lie
You dwell a while, until you understand:
You may not be the hero after all
Your heart may not be right, but it is true
You can’t unchoose your choices, can’t undo
The things you’ve done for love, while duty’s call
You barely heard. Now this: your ruinous quest
will shake the worlds and lead you back to her,
your dearest foe. And as the Ancients stir
you’ll find the truth, and face your final test.
Chasing the awful drumbeat of your heart
Your dearest wish may tear the worlds apart.

Yours, in iambic pentameter,



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