Isn’t he scary? Isn’t he beautiful? The Blog Tour – with prizes!

Bone, Fog, Ash & Star is out in the world, my lovelies. Look how pretty all three books are lined up on my kitchen table!

Photo1 (21)

It is an odd thing to say goodbye to a world (well, two worlds if you’re going to get all technical about it) and characters that you’ve spent years playing with inside your head. I am onto the next thing, but if I pause to ask myself what I will miss most about writing the Tian Di books, the answer is easy: I will miss my darling villains.

So to celebrate / grieve, I am doing a wee blog tour and a giveaway at each stop. I’ll update here each day when a new post goes up. Go read the posts and leave a comment sharing your favorite fictional villain(s). At the end of the tour, I’ll select a winner from each post using a random number generator (I’ll post screenshots), and send you all three books in the series.

Here is the blog tour schedule:

October 10th: Isn’t he scary? Isn’t he beautiful? You can also read Helen Kubiw’s review of the third book here.

October 13th: You Never Forget the First Time: Jadis from the Narnia Books and Mrs. Coulter from His Dark Materials at

October 14th:  I love you and I want to kill you; let’s make out: Bad Boy villains in YA at

October 15th: There is nothing on earth that we share: Javert from Les Misérables at

October 16th: Sometimes the bad guy just wants to be a big snake: Mayor Wilkins from Buffy the Vampire Slayer at

October 17th: An exchange of gifts: Linay from Plain Kate at


The giveaways are now closed and books are winging their way to the winners. Thanks for joining in, everybody, and thank you so much to my gracious hosts!




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