Who Are These People I Made Up Anyway? Part 1: Wyn

Last night I was putting my son to bed and he said, “It’s amazing that you’ve been writing your whole life, and you’ve only written two series.”

Apparently my kids think I’m a slacker! I’ve written enough almost-novels that amounted to nothing to find it miraculous and wonderful when something hangs together start to finish and all of this writing turns into an actual novel. All the more miraculous and wonderful when real live book-making professionals turn it into a beautiful book so that people can buy it in a store or borrow it from the library, take it home, and read it!

JULIA DEFIANT will be out in the world in just 9 weeks, joining JULIA VANISHES on the bookshelves, and it has had some lovely reviews already. It is the second in a trilogy about sixteen-year-old thief and spy Julia: her crisis of conscience when her job requires something terrible of her, her struggle to find out who she is, why she has the ability to vanish from sight, and how best to use her abilities in a morally tangled world. Her relationships are what form the beating heart of the story – with her brother, her lover(s), her band-of-thieves/family, her enemies, and the people whose trust she betrays. The great joy of writing a sequel is that you know your world and your characters so well at this point. Having built the playground, you get to play on it.

Every week until the release of JULIA DEFIANT (and the paperback of JULIA VANISHES with a lovely new cover!), I’ll introduce one character from the books here, via 5 short quotes from both books, starting with Wyn, today.

Wyn is Julia’s faithless lover, a member of her gang of thieves and spies, and an artist at heart. Here are a few snippets to give you a sense of their relationship and its evolution across the first two books in the series:



JULIA VANISHES opens with them as a couple, but Julia is busy with her job at Mrs. Och’s house, leaving Wyn with too much time on his hands. Hot tip, though: don’t try cheating on an invisible spy.



A moment of honesty. Maybe too much honesty?



Sometimes you have to cross half the world with your ex to try and find a monk who might be able to take a fragment of a powerful magic book out of a child… it gets complicated.



Still hard to say goodbye…



NEXT WEEK: Meet Julia’s brother Dek through 5 quotes. xo


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